The historic center of Florence


Florence, city center


Start: 01/01/2020

End: 31/12/2020

The Italian name for Florence is Firenze. The city has about 400,000 “Florentines” and is located on the banks of the river ‘Arno’ in a valley surrounded by hills. This setting of timeless art hides all the charms of Italian life: cappuccino, tasty ice creams, terraces, the Florentines, scooters, delicious pastas, antique shops and so on.

Most important highlights are:
Duomo Santa Maria Del Flore
This cathedral is located in the center of Florence and is the fourth largest cathedral in Europe. The building started in the late 13th century. The façade was completed in the 19th century and fully made of marble. The dome (1436) is the architectural masterpiece. The design was so complex that it took 68 years to build it.
Inside the cathedral are colonnades, stained glass representations by Vasari and frescos.
Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge)
Florence’ Ponte Vecchio dates from 1345 and is the only bridge in the city that was not destroyed in WWII. Originally the businesses located on the bridge consisted of butchers, tanners and blacksmiths. They had to disappear around 1593 because they caused too much noise and stench. The shops were renovated and leased to goldsmiths. The stores are built on the bridge,
and partly hang over. Today they mainly sell antique and modern jewelry.
– Museum Palazzo Vecchio and Uffizi Gallery
Florence most important art treasures can be seen even in the Palazzo Vecchio. Most famous piece is the statue of David by Michelangelo. A replica of this statue can be found outside near the entrance of the museum. The Uffizi Gallery was created by the Medici family, and was originally intended as a building for offices (‘uffizi’).
There are very important works and authentic master pieces including paintings by Michelangelo, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Paolo Uccello and Rembrandt.
– Markets of Florence
In the San Lorenzo district, wedged between beautiful buildings from the Renaissance, is the Central Market, where one can get the best local produce. Since 1874 it’s the place where the Florentines chat and trade. Go inside and watch the stalls that sell meat products, cheeses, fish, vegetables and fruit.
Outside the Central Market is the Mercato di Lorenzo, where leather goods, clothes and souvenirs are sold.